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Frequently asked questions

OptimusPoker offers the best GTO solutions for No Limit Hold'em 6max cash game.

Our solutions include 100bb deep and 200bb deep spots.

Our preflop solutions are available for Small stakes games (NL50-NL100) and High stakes (NL500+), with around 100.000 different preflop spots (using 2bb, 2.25bb, 2.5bb or 3bb open raise sizings).

Our postflop solutions include :

  • all the flop runouts * 716 spots = 100.000.000 situations,
  • all the turn runouts * 5.591 spots = situations, (simplified with "hand types" buckets)
  • all the river runouts * 28.970 spots = situations, (simplified with "hand types" buckets)


Comming soon : MTTs, Spin&Go, HU.

OptimusPoker GTO solutions are the best ones for many reasons :

  1. We go straight to the point : our calculations are designed to study key factors to understand and master the poker game, using similar settings to the real life games (betsizings, bb deep, ...) . 
  2. We optimize your time and your capacity of memorization : by using clever modelizations, we found out how to gather very similar spots together, and offer a unique postflop strategy that perfectly fits very similar spots (for example : 4Bet pots, 3Bet pots...).
  3. We are focused on the actual utility of our GTO solutions for you to improve your game, more than the number of billions of data we can provide. We already provide more data than your brain can store, so why making it even more complex by offering more betsizings, more details, more custom settings ?
  4. We are setting up the best courses to learn poker from A (recreational player level) to Z (top world class player), by focusing on the most important metrics and key factors at each step.

Yes, even if the characteristics of the game you play are slightly different than our modelizations, OptimusPoker GTO solutions are calculated to give you the best strategy on average.

So for example, if you play NL25 and use NL50 preflop strategy, it's still very good to crush the field. The same logic applies if you play NL1K and use NL500 solutions.


OptimusPoker offers so many possibilities in terms of :

  • stakes (small / high),
  • deep (100bb / 200bb),
  • preflop betsizings (2x, 2.25x, 2.5x, 3x)
  • postflop betsizings (usually : small / half pot / medium / big / overbet),

...that you will always find a solution close enough to your real life spots to crush your opponents.

All the solutions are visible on our website. No need to install anything, no need to have a powerful machine. It's fast and easy !

You can just browse our solutions using your computer or your tablet, with any classic web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

The official support is available in our Discord. Please click this link : 

It's easy and fast ! 

In case you want to try to reach us on other platforms, you can try our social networks (see our links at the bottom of this webpage), but we are mainly focused on providing the best support on Discord.